We ran our first proper user trial last month. And it was successful.

The brave girls and boys of the consulting firm 4OC were responding to an invitation to tender and offered to use TextThing to write their bid document.

A team of six people worked on the bid. They divided it into ten chunks of text, which they wrote separately over two weeks. When complete, the chunks were combined and exported to a Word document (the submission format required by their prospective client).

The highlights from a feedback survey were that: most people said they enjoyed working in Markdown and would recommend it to colleagues; everyone said they thought TextThing would improve their effectiveness compared to their existing tools (which included Office 365)...


Answers to, "Was there anything that surprised you about TextThing?" were...

  • "How easy Markdown was to pick up"
  • "Just how simple it was to use once you got the hang of it"
  • "I struggled the first time I used it to see the benefit of using the product but I got it once actually saw how it can be used for drafting large documents"
  • "Really really enjoyed it - made writing easier"
  • "The boss actually used it"

John Curran, who led the bid team, said...

A surprisingly innovative approach to text that makes our work of producing documentation easier and faster - we will be using TextThing more.

We were delighted.


More information

  • 4OC - The Organisation for Organisational Change - are a consulting firm serving the UK public sector - http://the4oc.com
  • Why it's different explains why TextThing is different to existing online text software

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