Text for teams

Plain and simple


Text for teams

Plain and simple


You work in a team that writes things. Maybe you write a lot or a little. The chances are that you use desktop or online office software to do it. TextThing is different.

TextThing is online software that reduces the cost (and faff) of writing, distributing and managing text in organisations by simplifying things

TextThing works in a different way. It is truly digital. It discards the print presumption from the handling of text in organisations. Read about Why it's different. Or perhaps watch this...


Features and benefits

TextThing has...

  • a simple plain-text editor that's easy to use and won't distract you.
  • a participation model that makes it straightforward to work with others across many organisations.
  • a way of displaying or publishing to any format you like... without re-formatting.
  • neat ways to help you find text, ages after you have forgotten where you put it.

Which will save your organisation money and make the corner of your life that is text, a lot nicer to be in.


Where TextThing is at

TextThing is in the early stages of development. It doesn't yet have all of the features it needs but it does work very well. Lots of people have tried it, many have said nice things and some are using it for real work...

A surprisingly innovative approach to text that makes our work of producing documentation easier and faster - we will be using TextThing
— John Curran - 4OC

After much recent trialling, researching and focus-grouping we are coming to the view that the idea is not entirely crackers. We intend to turn TextThing into an industrial-strength commercial product in the early part of 2017.


Try TextThing

We'd like you to try TextThing. (For the avoidance of doubt: it's free.) Perhaps you'd find it as useful as John's team did. Whether you end up using it or not, it would be an experiment in being genuinely digital. And it may make you think differently about how you work.

At the moment, signing on is a hand-cranked process. We are just not ready to plumb that bit in yet. You'll need to click this button and send us a message...

But, on the plus side, you do get to have a chat with one of these chaps...


Neil Simpson, Richard Archer and Mark Foden - who started TextThing. There's more about them and the others involved at TextThing team.